Sunday Selections

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Hello. I'm starting a new feature on the blog. I get a lot of music every day and I can't showcase all of them with full blog posts. I just don't have the time (I do this blog myself). So starting today, I will be dropping a post every Sunday that will highlight a hand full of submissions that I think people NEED to hear.

Let's dive right into it, shall we?

Guru - Energetic Punk from the UK.

Father Glamour - Instrumental Electronica from San Diego.

Atomic Swindlers - Cool as hell  and from New York

Kita Menari - Funky electronica from the Netherlands

Tarantina - Down-tempo chill from London

Low Life - Darkwave from Austrailia

Guest Singer - Indie Rock from the UK

Saccadic Eye Motion - Ambient Rock

Jong Sl - Indie from New York

Back next Sunday with a new installment.


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