Sunday Slections

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I've been putting together my favorite albums of the year for next week's edition and had a few more tunes squeak in that I had to share.

Tis the season of giving, right?

As usual, turn these up and enjoy!!

Akasha System - Ambient/House from Portland

Volna - Post-Rock from Australia

Rook & Noomie - Synth-Pop from Los Angeles

Ex Hex - Punk-Pop from Washington D.C.

Marga Sol - Chillout from Macedonia

Shana Cleveland - Noir-Folk from California

Secret Shame - New Wave from North Carolina

Stro Elliot - Instrumental Hip-Hop from Los Angeles

Back next week with the last episode of 2019!!!

I'll also be posting my year-end best-of list for New Year's.

Stay tuned!!


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