The Damned - So, Who's Paranoid?

`So Who`s Paranoid` is the tenth studio album from the sometimes Punk, sometimes Goth Rock, sometimes just plain rockin` band, The Damned. Coming 7 years after their last release, one could wonder if a band formed in 1976 could still "live" within the musical landscape of today. The answer to that question is...a resounding yes.

There are tracks that bring back the punk glory of years past like `Danger to Yourself` and `Maid For Pleasure`. There`s a few for the goth fans like `Nature`s Dark Passion` and `Perfect Sunday`. There`s even a track for the psychedelic crowd with the album closer ` Dark Asteroid` (like, Whoa, Man). `Since I Met You`, one of my favorite tracks on the album, is just plain silly featuring the brutally honest "Since I met you, the lyrics of songs, mean something new to me, they sound more real, they reflect how I feel, even the stupid ones." It adds a little cheekiness to the album, which is one of the many things I dig about The Damned.

With lyrics that are fun and still provoking, The Damned are still alive and kicking. Kicking out the Jams, that is, natch!

8 out of 10

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Doug said…
I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this album. As you note, it's kind of familiar but not completely rehashing their old material.

I too have taken a special liking to "Since I Met You" (I even posted the same lyrics that you quoted--wonderfully sweet and silly... as odd as that is to say about one of their songs).

Nice review.

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