The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - Fruit

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour are a Danish band with a heavy 60`s soul kinda sound (think Smash Mouth`s `Walking On The Sun, but good). Most folks probably know them from their song `Around the Bend`, the groovy song in an iPod Touch ad. This band really stuck out when I first heard them and now that I`ve heard the album, I need to tell you why you should too.

The album kicks off with the quirky keyboards and sweet horns of `Lady Jesus` before moving right into the arm-swingin`, head-bobbin` `The Sun Ain`t Shining No More`. `Push The Envelope` uses the keyboard and percussion to pulse along as Mette Lindberg`s addictive vocals try to get the wild child in us all to `come out..come out...come out...come on`.

`Crazy` slows things down a little as Mette`s voice is accented by a simple strum of a guitar, a chill bass, some spacey keyboards and sweet rasta-ish horns before the funk returns with `Around The Bend`, proving it was a wise choice to use in a commercial as it gives a perfect glimpse into the band`s sound and vibe. `Bad Fever` which takes us out on a nice funky vibe and makes you fall in love with the band all over again as Mette sings `Don`t remember how it feels?`.

Some may say it kitsch and been done before, but I really think this is a fresh take on an old style and should get people very excited - this band is fun, fun, fun. You can tell they love what they do and they do it very well. Between the classy music and Mette`s sexy (and often bubbly) vocals, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour are a band to look out for and this could be the soundtrack to the summer of 09.

I LOVE this album!

9 out of 10

Here is the video for 'The Sun ain't shining no more'.

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour Myspace/Website!


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