Thunderheist - Thunderheist

Picture Benny Benassi and Missy Elliot doing an album together and you may understand what is in store for you when you pick up the debut, self-titled, Thunderheist album. Some may compare Thunderheist to M.I.A. or Santogold and, to a degree they are correct, but Thunderheist is more dirty, sweaty and (I can`t believe I am saying this!) crunk then the other two ladies like to get. That is a good thing (if you like electro and loads of bass, which I do) and a bad thing (if you don`t like electro and loads of bass, which a lot of people don`t) since the album is a lot of the same.

The Canadian duo of producer Grahmzilla (from Montreal) and MC Isis (from Toronto) broke out with their single `Jerk It` and the rest of the album doesn`t stray to far from that single`s vibe. Dirty bass and beats? Check. Sexy yet sometimes silly vocals? Check. Badass female MC? Check. Rinse, repeat. The album is peppered with a few songs that lift lyrics directly from artists like with `Bubblegum Music` (Nelly), `Little Booty Girl` (Bob Marley) and `Cruise Low` (Waitresses, Yes I said the Waitresses!). On `The After Party`, it really sounds like MC Isis is actually channeling Missy Elliot herself as the track is very reminiscent of Missy`s `Work It`. Other tracks like (my personal favorite) `Nothing 2 Step 2` and `Space Cowboy` really let the electro synths and ghetto bass do the work.

I could easily see this as an album you pop in while getting ready to go to `the club`. Thunderheist has managed to have fun throughout the album while still taking what they do seriously (gotta have the street cred!). It is a slick debut that hints at what the duo can do. Hopefully, if they get a bit more diversity and experience under their belt, the second album will be a stormer.

7 out of 10

Here is a video for the first single 'Jerk It'.

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