Dreamed - So I ate myself, bite by bite

So I ate myself, Bite By Bite is the new album by Black Moth Super Rainbow member Ryan Graveface. It continues along the same path that other Black Moth Super Rainbow band members have taken with their solo albums. It’s a rich album with a lot of depth and an almost childlike wonder.

Mainly using an acoustic guitar, a banjo, and a xylophone, Ryan is able to create a friendly and fulfilling album from start to finish. This is sometimes an odd feeling to get since the album is supposedly a story that chronicles the events in the life of a serial killer. It’s definitely a interesting way to cover that kind kind of subject matter. For instance in the track ‘Pieces’, between the soothing sounds of a banjo and xylophone, Ryan sings ‘I can’t believe it was just yesterday/I cleaned my hands and washed the blood away’. Other tracks like ‘Pink Clouds In The Woods’ and ‘Magnesium Light’  have a seemingly more uplifting feel, the latter having lyrics like ‘I looked at the skies tonight and said I love the sun’. ‘An Admission’ is the highlight of the album, coming it at around 10 minutes long. The psychedelic sun-soaked choral “woo’s” are backed by a driving drum beat that builds and builds until it explodes. The rest of the track feels like the up and down ride through the “killers” mind as he wrestles with what he has done and what will become of him.

So I ate myself, Bite By Bite is an eclectic ride and surprisingly catchy, despite it’s subject matter. It’s a great album to have on in the background for any road trip. So I ate myself, Bite By Bite may not be for everyone but, if you let yourself go along for the ride, it’s a highly enjoyable bit of experimental folk that should satisfy most listeners.

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