Finest Ego - Russian Beatmaker Compilation

I stumbled across this the other day. It is a sister release to the Japanese Beatmakers Download I posted a few months ago. More outstanding instrumental (sometimes jazzy, sometimes thumpin') hip hop beats that will provide the perfect soundtrack to whatever you are doing.

Here is a description, in their own words...

"The tendency towards advanced beats seems to be more and more a global phenomenon. As we already have said: Decentred beats for decentred people. During the last few years arose also in Russia a small, loosely networked scene of people, who have experimented with Hip Hop-beats. But in this case, the young Russians have no examples or references for this kind of music in the musical culture of their own country. All of their inspirations are taken from blogs and from the intensive study of their role models worldwide. The result is an organic, very playful, snappy and jazzy sound, which is carried by a common vibe, but is in the same way as diverse as the finest egos of the artists themselves.

The compilation includes Pavel Dovgal, DZA, Pixelord, Demokracy, Moa Pillar, Arktor, Shawalski, Myown, Nienvox, 813 and Long Arm."

 Here is the track list...

01 Is On Fire by Pavel Dovgal
02 Zero One by Pixelord
03 Searchlight by Demokracy
04 Way Of Wind by Moa Pillar
05 Henry Dorsett Case by Arktor
06 Fireball by DZA
07 Gettin Hi by Shawalski
08 Vladislav Kovac by Myown
09 Hairs by Nienvox
10 Gamma by 813
11 The Roots by Long Arm


This release may not be free...but it's GOOD! ( I am sure if you poke around on the interwebs enough you may find it for free...but why not support these beatmakers and buy it!)


For more releases by Finest Ego, go HERE!!



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