Douster remixes Mad Rad - The Youth Die Young


I've had these on repeat in the car for the past few days...I don't I can sum it up any better than the promo team did below.

In their own words...

"Lyon, France based tropical dance DJ/producer and global bass alchemist, Douster releases remix EP of Mad Rad's The Youth Die Young. Tied closely to Zizek Records after spending two years in Buenos Aries, Douster takes cues from his love of hardstyle, house, bass, cumbia, dancehall, and rap to transform club music into a sonic gumbo. Douster has put out remixes for Rusko, Gucci Mane, Toddla T, and released singles with Diplo, Savage Skulls, and Chilean producers Zonora Point. Now, he puts his spin on the electronic hip hop rumble of Seattle's Mad Rad. The remixes see Douster veering into future Chicago house, half time speed merengue / half space juke, Miami acid bass house, and ambient 808 machine funk. The Douster and Mad Rad combination is a mix you can sink your ears into.
Mad Rad is a Seattle based group that has shaken up west coast hip hop with their combination of electronic focused dance music and frenzied live show. The Youth Die Young is their second full length album, and the band has been supporting it hard by relentlessly touring and playing the Northwest’s largest festivals. Douster got to know Mad Rad’s music after playing a show with the group’s DJ, Darwin in 2009. They exchanged music over the next couple years, chopped it up over Flocka’s new mix tapes, and established a like-minded musical rapport. Douster touched down in Seattle earlier this year for a show, and when he heard tracks off the new record first hand in the studio, it became obvious remixes needed to happen."

Now, for your free downloadable listening pleasure: Douster’s The Youth Die Young remixes.

Grab them HERE!!

Mad Rad Website!

Douster Website!


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