Wild Rumpus featuring Beardyman - Rock The Joint (video)

I found this in my in box the other day. As I listened, my jaw hit the floor. The sheer amount of styles and influences in one album blew me away. Not to mention the fact that it is flawlessly executed to boot!

In their own words...

"Wild Rumpus is a rawkus musical mash-up courtesy of producer/DJ Colleen “Cosmo” Murphy and uber-guitarist Gary Lucas. 

Cosmo is the world’s leading female audiophile DJ, producer and Cosmodelica radio host, as well as co-founder of new audiophile listening experience Classic Album Sundays and Gary Lucas, “one of the best and most original guitarists in America” (Rolling Stone), played guitar with Captain Beefheart and is a former Jeff Buckley collaborator and co-writer of “Grace” who currently records with his Gods & Monsters outfit. 

They are joined by some extraordinary talent including live-looping vocal impresario Beardyman, described by the BBC as the “King of Sound, Ruler of Beats”, Nashville-based Lampchop frontman Kurt Wagner, KLF/Mad Professor multi-instrumentalist Black Steel, Bristolian Queen of visceral country-punk and rockabilly Emily Breeze, Mr. Hermano/Sao Benitez drummer/percussionist Ben Mitchell and MC Brother Culture of Manasseh Hi-Fi and Asian Dub Foundation.

Seriously amazing album. This will easily be in my top 10 for the year!

Here is the video for 'Rock The Joint'.


The album will be out on May 27th. Grab it when it comes out!



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