Loving this retro synth-pop from Kabiria.

The PR description is hilarious and accurate.

In their words...

"KABIRIA is the music playing in Kate Bush’s headphones, as she rollerskates along the Santa Monica pier in her daisy dukes and a Dr. Dre crop top. Applying the future to nostalgia: G-funk, synth pop, 90s electronica, trip hop and dreamwave – each find their way into KABIRIA‘s sound. Splitting time between the lush evergreen forests of Vancouver Canada and the urban palm trees of Los Angeles creates contrasting perspectives where Ice Cube, Portishead, and Phantogram intermingle with Washed Out, Grimes, and Goldfrapp."

If I still went to a Roller Rink on Friday nights (like I did as a kid) this would be blasting from the speakers all the time.





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