Sunday Selections

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If you know anyone that tells you music is crap nowadays, please slap them and tell them they are listening in the wrong places.

So many great bands. So much good music.

Here we go with more awesome submissions that kick ass!

NYRE - Low-fi indie from San Francisco

Nansea - Experimental-pop from Germany

Tkuz - House/Techno from Mexico

Anie Delgado - Electronic-pop from New York

John Vincent III - Americana from Texas

Benny Benassi - Techno from Ialy

Ryan Rickenbach - Cosmic-folk from New York

aLLriGhT - Electro from London

Jude Rose - Electronic R&B from Los Angeles

Shawn James - Americana from North Carolina

Twen - Dream-pop from Nashville

Spheruleus - Ambient soundscapes from the UK

Back next week with more!


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