Sunday Selections

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Another Sunday Selections and I hope you are ready because I've got a bunch of new tunes for you guys. Some of these tracks are insanely good and need to be heard by more people. Make sure to visit the artist pages, spread the word, and support them if you dig what you hear.

Turn it up, lay down, and chill.

Jason Nolan - Electronica from London

Mujo情, Hakone - Lo-Fi beats from Hungry

David James Allen - Folk-soul from Toronto

Sweeps - Lo-Fi beats from Boston

ØxØ - Ambient Electronica from the UK

Islandis - Pop-Electronica from Austrailia

The Crooked Fiddle - Gypsy Punk from Austrailia

bdrmm - Dream-pop from the UK

Back next weekend with much, much more.


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