Elizabeth Joan Kelly

I'm a huge fan of Elizabeth Joan Kelly. Her ambient electronica is right up my alley. I posted her 'Music For The DMV' last year, itself a somewhat companion piece to Brian Eno's 'Music For Airports' which is a favorite of mine, and now she is back with a new and even more enthralling edition to her ever-growing discography. Her new album 'Farewell, Doomed Planet' is epic in scope and dystopian by design.

Warbles, Bleeps, lush synths and angelic voices are peppered throughout this melange of aural sorcery. This is the soundtrack to my dreams. Chaotic, beautiful, mysterious and sublime. It took me a while to post due to trying to savor every nuance. I listened to it on my stereo, with headphones, and in my car. I got something different out of it each time. I got kinda lost in it for a bit. To me, that is the highest praise I can give.

In my top 10 favorite releases of last year.

Scintillating from start to finish.






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