Sunday Selections


I don't know if anyone reads this but as usual, I've discovered a bunch of new tunes and they cover many different genres.

Hope you lot like 'em as much as I do.

Leave a comment to let me know what you guys think of the blog!

Boaksi - Electronica from Switzerland

Lorelei K - Dream-Pop from Texas

Franky Selector - Funky-Soul from Canada

Chef - Beats from Detroit

Liquidate - Indie-Rock from Germany

Flamingosis - Funky-Beats from New Jersey

King Hannah - Shoegaze from the UK

Savant - Electronica from Norway

Back soon with more!


Lesley said…
I read. You came up on the Hype Machine and now and again, I get lucky and find some pretty cool stuff. I would include your finds in that list. Keep it up. We may be silent, but trust and believe, we are out here and appreciate your hard work. xx
Solcofn said…
Thank you. I appreciate that very much!!


I X said…
your blog is a favorite of mine! I have long counted on it for great beats. thank you for sharing.
Solcofn said…
That means a lot. 😃


germain said…
nice song <3

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