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Sunday, September 21, 2014


Always Bumpin' The Funk | 2010 - 2014 cover art

If you know anything about me, you know I love a good bootleg.

UK based Dancefloor Outlaws have put together 62 of their bootlegs and edits into one collection...and you can get it for just 1 pound!

In their own words..

"So before we go into the studio for the Winter to work on new music, we wanted to have a clear out at the hideout. 

This is our entire back catalogue of remixes, bootlegs, unreleased DJ edits and super special VIPs that have been a stable part of our sets for the last few years. 

The whole entire set can be yours for as little as £1. 

Thats cheaper then a pint of cider OR a pasty, so if you feel like giving a little more, please do. We need a stockpiles of both to last the bleak Cornish Winter. 

Thank you 

Will & Robin"

Check  it out below!! Lots of floor fillers and club thumpers!!

Turn it up!




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