Here Come The Mummies

Rumored to be a bunch of high profile Granny winning artists that dress up in costume so they can play other music while avoiding contract issues, Here Come The Mummies is a Funk and R/B band that is known for their amazing live shows.

The band's tongue-in-cheek sense of humor and character are maintained throughout appearances, history, and individual bios.

Current members of the band are:

Mummy Cass - Guitar, Lead vocals: Mummy Cass(annova)
Java Mummy - Percussion, Vocals: Java (born 1974 B.C. as J Mummy Love)
Eddie Mummy - Drums, Vocals
Spaz Mummy - Keyboards
K.W. Tut - Bass, Vocals: K.W. 'Big Bomb' Tut
Mummy Rah - Tenor Sax
The Flu - Baritone Sax
Midnight Mummy - Baritone Sax
The Pole - Bass
B.B. Queen - Trumpet

Check them out!!

Live at the Castle Theatre Bloomington Illinois February 22, 2014

Here are all their studio albums...

Terrifying Funk from Beyond the Grave (2002)
Everlasting Party (2003)
Single Entendre (2008)
Undead Live DVD (2009)
Carnal Carnival (2010)
Bed, Bath & Behind (2011)
Hits & Mrs. (2012)
Cryptic (2013)
A La Mode EP (2014)
Pull It Off (2014)

Download ALL their albums for FREE HERE!!!



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