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Saturday, February 03, 2018

VHS Dreams

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VHS Dreams is the musical brainchild of George Dervenagas.Hailing from Greece, George makes an intoxicating mix of ambien house and synth-pop.  Think Enigma mixed with The Pet Shop Boys, with no vocals.

It's dreamy, It's enthralling and beautifully crafted.

Check out the cheeky description of the album in their own words...

"In a parallel 1995, the world is different from ours. In the 80's, Roland produces "TR-707 Saturn" which has a huge impact on music. An unknown Kurt Cobain commits suicide in 1988. By the early 90's Japan is the world's greatest economic power. Most of the 80's pop culture is still ongoing, along with the accelerated Internet explosion into the mainstream. Hyper-consumerism runs rampant. A cult named "The VHS Dreams Foundation" rises to spread countercultural ideals through electronic music. This is an alternate 1995. It is the future that never was... The future that will never be... A future that exists only in dreams, caught on VHS!"

Listen for yourself.





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