Kratos Himself - A Town Called Imaginarium (album)

A Town Called Imaginarium cover art

Here is an outstanding release that I am sorry I slept on. Seriously good stuff.

Get. It. NOW.

In his own words...

"A Town Called Imaginarium is the new EP on Jus Like Music Records by the dutch Kratos Himself, an EP that he states is dedicated to the imagination of whoever is listening. It's a downtempo instrumental EP featuring additional instrumentation from bass player Marc Machielse, plus singers Ditte de Muynck and K.J.B. 

Blending the organic with the electronic, A Town Called Imaginarium is a beautiful EP that straddles a line between soundscape and song, with ethereal melodies and tight jazz breaks. 

A relative newcomer to the scene, Kratos Himself - AKA Jethro Hopmans - appeared on Project:MOONCIRLCE's 10th Anniversary compilation, plus he has collaborated with Deon Custom and is currently working on new material with Jesse Futerman. "

Grab it HERE!!


Kratos Himself Bandcamp.


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