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BATTS is the project of Melbourne based Tanya Batt. BATTS has found her own voice by creating a stunning blend of folky dream-pop.

This new single, 'Mars',  is off her upcoming album that will be released in 2019.

In her own words..."Mars is a song written about a futuristic relationship between someone who lives on Earth and someone who lives on Mars. However, it can relate to long distance relationships anywhere in the present, or even feeling distant and disconnected to someone sitting right next to you."


Here are a few tracks from her '62 Moons' EP released last year. It was named after the 62 Moons around Saturn. She has somewhat of a fascination with space and sound which she creatively combines on this EP.

BATTS explains “When NASA began to release the sounds of space it blew my mind. Saturn has always been my favourite for many reasons but when I first heard the sound of Saturn’s rings, it really connected. In that moment, I had the thought of combining the music we create as humans, with the natural music of things out in space that have existed for billions and billions of years. I want to instil knowledge of space within music to people, but not via lyrics - via sounds.”

Check it out for yourself.




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