Natureboy – Natureboy

Natureboy is the musical output of Sara Kermanshahi. Here she collaborates with Cedar Apffel and Rory O’Connor to make some truly haunting and passionate music. The self titled album is a very quiet stripped down affair with the guitar being used the most to create an acoustic and intimate feel. Sara’s voice is the star here and carries the album. In several tracks her voice is reminiscent of Courtney Love (in a good way) in that the way she wails some of the lyrics you feel the emotion in each word she sings. The entire album feels like it could be a soundtrack to movie, telling of the trials and tribulation of the main character and the struggle to find redemption and purpose in life.

Highlights on the album include Pariah which picks up the pace of the album, if only for a few minutes. Bad Dream which sounds like a track Courtney Love (again, in a good way) could have done had she actually felt and cared about the music. Dither is one of the most moving tracks on the album and has a wonderful melodic harmony throughout the entire song. Heart to fool is one of the more peppier (I use that term loosely) tracks that sound like a very slowed down Yeah Yeah Yeahs track, which give the song a familiar feel. It’s also one of the only other tracks to have drums featured. Railroad Apt is a quite reflective instrumental that is very easy to get lost in  and at a little over two minutes, it brings you back to reality almost to soon.

The nine song album clocks in at under 45 minutes but feels like it goes by faster. Fans of Grant Lee Phillips or Mazzy Star should take note. This is a must have for fans of the mellow style used here. This album tells a story and takes you on a journey. It’s a journey that, once over, you feel better for having gone through it. Moving stuff indeed.

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