Washed Out – Life Of Leisure EP

The new EP from Washed Out is full of exactly that… washed out lo-fi bliss. The title of the EP, Life Of Leisure, is very fitting as well since this will be on heavy rotation as the soundtrack to many summers. Mixing 80s synths, 90s shoegaze, often filtered vocals and the rough, raw sound of a demo, Life Of Leisure is full of promise.

The short, six track EP (clocking in around 20 minutes) goes by way too fast. It invites, and really needs, intimate listening — whether in your car for a Sunday drive or in your bedroom with the headphones on. This is one that you will get nostalgic over, as it makes you think of other times and places when things seemed a whole lot simpler. Highlights include New Theory and Feel It All Around.

While Ernest Greene, the voice and brains behind Washed Out, sounds like he’s still in the process of finding himself as an artist, I eagerly await the chance to to listen to his growing pains along the way.

Washed Out Website!


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