Tobacco – Maniac Meat


Maniac Meat is the sophomore effort from Tobacco, the solo project of Black Moth Super Rainbow front man Tom Fec. While the album ventures into the “Experimental” realm for most part, it is surprisingly catchy and danceable. From the first track, Constellation Dirtbike Head, you know you are in for one hell of a ride. The album grabs you and dives full on into the insane.

The use of vintage synths, pitched vocals and drum machines help give the album a very quirky sound without feeling dated. Having Beck sing on two of the tracks, Fresh Hex and Grape Aerosmith, just adds street cred to the already hipster avant-garde vibe of the album. Tom also continues musically where Beck left off on some of his earlier albums (think Mellow Gold but with more acid) so it’s fitting that he and Beck would work together.

I thought that his first album, Fucked Up Friends, was interesting but this is a case of the sequel being better than the original. It’s a wild and crazy album that is a joy to listen to.

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