Tracy Thorn – Love and its Opposite

Continuing where her 2007 album Out Of The Woods left off, Love and Its Opposites finds Tracy Thorn older and a little bit wiser. Whether musing on growing older alone (Singles Bar) or the troubled marriages of people around her (Oh, The Divorces) the album is full of the usual dance folk sound that any Thorn fan will love.

While a lot of the album is full of more down-tempo and somber songs, Thorn does hint that she hasn’t forgotten her dance roots. The simple but effective groove and melody on Why Does the Wind? make it one of the highlights of the album. Hormones has a mother and daughter discussing one coming into her sexuality just as the other starts to lose hers. Love and Its Opposites closes with the sad but uplifting Swimming and Tracey gives us a parting piece of advice, ‘It’s all over, so lets go on’. Letting go of the past, like her work with Everything But The Girl, is hard to do but if you move on you will see that there are promising things ahead.

This is a deeply personal album, made by and for adults. With themes of marriage, love and growing older you can almost feel the trials Throne has gone through and the advice she has to give. Like a fine wine, Tracey gets better with age. A must buy for fans and at least a must listen for those not familiar with Thorns earlier work.

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