Courtney Barnett - Anonymous Club (video)

Here is the hypnotic video for 'Anonymous Club' from Australian singer-songwriter Courtney Barnett, off her new release 'The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas'.

The awesome video was directed by Celeste Potter. She shares how she came up with the video.

In Celeste’s own words:

When I was making this video, I thought a lot about how dust is mostly dead skin cells; and when I spend time with someone, pieces of us are floating about around our heads.  The space between you and me is made of us.  I also thought about how we form one another through our shared experiences.  I just wanted to make a video that communicated a feeling of people creating one another through relationships.  All the dust and relationships makes me feel so connected to others but also incredibly lonely at the same time.  I wanted to help people feel that.  I think Courtney's song feels like that.

Really beautiful stuff.



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