Baby' got an ATOM bomb!

Here is an exclusive long mix from my bud ATOM. He runs the Kusic label, which I am on (natch!), and he is a living Tech House God!! Ok, that last bit may be an overstatement but I don't care (He kicks serious ass live, really!). He does sweet originals and amazing remixes (of all kinds of tunes). If you want techy blips, bleeps, wicked bass lines and thumping kicks he is your go-to guy! He has a normal club gig at G/R/A/N/D in Stamford, Connecticut and has been a guest DJ (with me, last February) at MASH AVE in Boston several times. ATOM also spins out with his partner in crime DJ Noelle under the moniker of Jacques Royale. He is truly one of the nicest guys you will ever meet (he also has the world sweetest mixer!) and is loads of fun to DJ with.

When he gets behind the best get your ass to the dance floor!

ATOM - To the hundreths (April 07 DJ Mix)

Set list:

Pablo Akaros -La sangre llego al rio
Cabanne -double lardon
Scout-I freed my feet are getting fried the whole trip
Thomas Fehlmann -Pristine
Tom Ellis -Collateral
Boris Brejcha -Fireworker
My My -Half a hole
Abe Duque & Blake Baxter -What Happened
Nôze -U Don't
Dub Taylor -Miss Gopher City
Franklin De Costa -Smart
Rutte & DJ Delicious -Ja Ja
Thugf#cker -Ahh (d'julz remix)
Cabanne -Mixatroos
Djosos krost -Chapter One (Trentemøller remix)
Thomas Fehlmann -Superbock

Here is a video of him and Noelle live @ G/R/A/N/D.

ATOM myspace!
DJ Noelle myspace!
Jacques Royale myspace!
Kusic myspace!
GRAND myspace!
Buy his tunes HERE!

You might see a few of my tunes there too...go ' know you want to.


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