Trentemoller....mood music.

Trentemoller can't seem to do anything wrong. He recently released 'The Last Resort', a beautiful and lush album that even after repeated spins never seems to get old. He has also been doing the rounds lately with his remixes, producing one sweet remix after the other. Here NuDisco get to remix him and they sure grab your attention with this rework. This remix would fit into almost any kind of set you want to throw down (I personally would use it near the begining or end of a set). It's a litle minimal and a little electro and just when you think it might put you to sleep, it slaps you upside the head and wakes you up. Add this to your mix and it will, as Chef Emeril would say, " Kick it up a notch!".

Trentemoller - Take Me Into Your Skin (Nu Disco Edit)

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