Oh Shit !

I LOVE THAT BASSLINE!!! (sorry, but I had to put that out there right off the bat)

Damn...they've done it again...The two lovely lads from the UK that make up the Pirate Soundsytem (Don & Josh) have made another wonderful glitchtastic tune by totally tweaking (as they are want to do) ' Two Culture Clash feat Ms Thing - Love Guide' and giving it their usual unique sound. Did I mention I LOVE that bassline?

I highly recommend you go get.... 'Two Culture Clash feat Ms Thing - Love Guide vs Pirate Soundsystem - Oh Shit (Demo) '.
Grab it from their blog here! They also have some wicked ringtones on their blog as well..."When the crowd say bo , seleeeecta, 3..2..1!". Been using that one for a while now. Respect!

Pirate Soundsystem myspace!


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