It's just a word.

My buddy Oli was looking for this tune and so I dug around and found it in my library. I had not listened to it since last December and I forgot how good it is. As usual , it's got cut up vocals and a great bassline(shocker!).

Hi Jack are known for making bass heavy house and were feature on Erol Alkans January Mixmag cover cd.

Herve has been cranking out great remixes as of late and if you like this then you will dig his sound. He has several alias at the moment. He is known as... COUNT OF MONTE CRISTAL, YOUNG LOVERS and TOMORROW PEOPLE. He also has a "normal" guitar pop/rock band that will be releasing stuff shortly.

Hi Jack - Hijackin (Herve's Fuck Fuck Mix) (Link removed by request.)

Herve myspace!
Hi Jack myspace!
On the Brink Recordings myspace!
Buy it here!


Andy Churchill said…
yeah, this is a great tune. I'm digging the Herve sound right now. His remix of UNKLEJAM's "Love Ya" has been on almost constant rotation for me since hearing it for the first time on the Annie Mac mixmag cover cd.

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