Imogen Heap - Ellipse

Sounding more like Alanis or Dido (which, in this case, is a bad thing), Imogen Heap follows up her acclaimed 2005 album ` Speak For Yourself` with the much anticipated `Ellipse`. Fans of Imogen will probably take to it effortlessly, but those taking a nonpartisan stance may be disappointed with this lacklustre follow up to what is largely considered a fantastic album.

Her lyrical and vocal talent is still clearly on display and is still the driving force to the album. The problem comes with the over-produced / commercial sound it has as a whole. Instead of making an record that makes Imogen happy, it seems she has tried to make an album that will make her fans happy (she even had them help write some of the tracks via Twitter). This is may be good for her wallet as they will most likely flock to pick it up, but it is a bad thing for people who appreciated the work that went into the innovative last album.

Certain tracks like `Aha`, `2-1` and `Half Life` hint at the older Imogen with intriguing production, instruments and vocal turns. Then you have other tracks that have her channeling Dido (`Swoon` and `Wait it out`) and Alanis (`Earth` and `Bad Body Double`) and really do a disservice to a talented artist (seriously...`Bad Body Double` is just bad, maybe the fans wrote that one in it`s entirety).

Imogen`s interaction with her fan base is commendable, but hopefully she will soon get back to making thought provoking and genre pushing music and not copping out to make her newly acquired tween fan base happy. The album is more miss than hit but Imogen is still a vibrant and talented artist who can blow you away when she puts her mind to it. Here`s hoping she feels like it soon!

5 out of 10

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