A little bit of spam for you guys's totally worth it. These guys are friends of mine and they do some amazing stuff!

MixMatchMusic releases MobBase a new service for musicians that makes it easy and inexpensive to create, launch and manage their own custom iPhone applications.

Are you or do you know a musician, band or DJ doing everything possible to stay connected to fans? Do yourself or your friend a favor and send them to to create their own iPhone app! The app helps musicians stay connected to fans through their music, photos, videos, merch, and more for as little as 50 cents a day. It's a way to be in fans' pockets at all times. MobBase makes it easy for musicians to build, manage, and update their own custom iPhone App in no time.

Your look. Your feel. Your custom App.

Fast and easy.

MobBase is priced to be accessible to any artist. It costs just $20 to get going and many artists will never pay more than $15 a month.

MobBase is made by, MixMatchMusic, a company dedicated to serve the needs of millions of musicians. Their technology-based products and services help musicians interact with fans in order to convert casual music fans into loyal fans, and loyal fans into paying customers. MixMatchMusic's easy-to-use tools give all musicians the ability to engage fans through custom mobile applications, remix and music collaboration promotions, and viral music promotions across the social web. Check them outand spread the word!!


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