The Protagonist! - Pink Fuzz!

As soon as the samples started in the first track, `Stand By for Mind Control`, I knew I was in for something a little different and a little special. `Pink Fuzz!` is full of lush synths swells, filter sweeps and random samples from start to finish. A few of the stand out tracks are `I hope I Die in the Arms of the Girl I Love` (very dreamy with a funky break beat),` Pink Fuzz!` (which includes some cheeky x-rated sample goodness), `God Can`t Come to the Phone Right Now` (I could see this track being played in Monty Python`s version of Heaven from `The Meaning Of Life`) and `The Hippies and the Beats` (great horn work and to reply to a sample used, "Yes, I can dig it!"). Any one of these tunes could be compared with early Air or Groove Armada. Solid stuff.

The album really has a warm and fuzzy feeling to it. It`s a perfect soundtrack for those long Sunday drives to nowhere, some deep reflection or a little mood music to help you with the ladies (nudge, nudge, wink, wink). My only real criticism would be some of the synths sounded very similar throughout the album. Even so, `Pink Fuzz!` is an impressive debut album that has me eagerly awaiting The Protagonist!`s next outing.

7 out of 10

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