Music Go Music - Expressions

The Los Angeles Italo-disco trio channel ABBA and the 70`s (while still sounding fresh) with their new release `Expressions`. The album sounds like a best of collection from a band you`ve loved for years. Whether it`s the surfer guitars on `Thousand Crazy Nights` or the vocal wail at the beginging of ABBA inspired `I walk Alone`, you get a deja vu feeling like you grew up listening to this album but forgot about it and just found it again. Within seconds I found myself tapping my feet, knoding my head and belting out the chorus like I was a background singer. "Light of Love` makes you think someone dusted of a lost b-side to The Dixie Cups hit single `Going to the Chapel` while `Love, Violent Love` makes you think of Neil Diamond and sequined jump suits (which may or may not be a bad thing). `Warm in The Shadows` is a bizarro version of Blondie`s `Atomic` while ` Goodbye Everybody` ends the album on a very folk flavored, James Taylor vibe (think - "I`d like to buy the world a coke"). This is a very catchy, extremely fun album from a band that isn`t afraid to wear their influences on their sleeves.

7 out of 10

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