The Lions Constellation - Flashing Light

The Lions Constellation, who are based out of Spain, pick up right where The Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine left off with their new album, `Flashing Lights`. `Kiss Me` begins the album with the JAMC fuzz and dream-pop feel you know and love. `Butterflies and Flowers` continues the shoegaze revival sounding more like the The Soup Dragons while `Nothing to be Done` is more Ride, circa `Dawn Patrol`. The rest of the album has plenty of feedback and distortion as well as sweet and catchy lyrics like "I don`t know why / when I look at your face my heart is blue / I can understand, I try to be strong/ but I`m still in love with you" from `Where did you go`. `She`s My Heroine` is 7 minutes of spaced out psychedelic stoner fuzz that will possible melt your brain (hands down one of my favorite tracks on the album). I have never been this excited about reviving a style or trend but this disc hasn`t left my CD player since I got it. Honestly the best new album (of older sounding tunes) I`ve heard in ages. Get this now! You`ll thank me for it. I for one welcome our new shoegaze overlords.

9 out of 10

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