Sally Shapiro - My Guilty Pleasure

It seems that Italo-disco is making a comeback this year and at the forefront is Sally Shapiro with her album `My Guilty Pleasure`. Filled with lush ambient beds the album starts off with `Swimming Through The Blue Lagoon` before going to the "sure to be club hit" `Looking At The Stars`, `My Fantasy` and Moonlight Dance`. `Save Your Love`, the high point of the album, is crafted with 80`s era synths and pop melodies (think Depeche Mode or New Order) while `Let It Show` has an almost Royksopp feel to it. The album comes close to the edge of being cheese but manages to stay on the right side of the fence, for the most part. Sally Shapiro does Synth/Dream Pop very well. I just hope she tries to expand the formula on future albums. In the meantime, I am really looking forward to the inevitable remixes to add some more umph to the album.

6 out of 10

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