Juliette Lewis - Terra Incognita

Since seeing her act as the rock star lead singer in `Strange Days`, I knew Juliette Lewis had the ability to rock my socks off. After four years, two full-length albums and countless tours, now she is back with her new solo project sans The Licks (good thing I bought more socks!). This album, produced by Omar Rodriguez-Lopez of The Mars Volta, easily shifts from Gossip inspired punk of `All Is For Good` to the Bloc Party, rock heavy feel of `Fantasy Bar` and the avant-garde style of `Female Persecution`.

`Terra Incognitea` has a very Janis Joplin-flavoured track in `Hard Lovin` Woman` and even a love song, `Romeo`, which has one of the catchiest hooks I`ve heard in years, "You and I underneath the blue light, Always and forever / This love we steal, Feels so real, Always and forever / I keep you inside, Something to remember." It nice to see that Juliette likes to push herself and her music and the variety of vocal / musical styles she uses throughout the album are impressive. It may have taken her a while but Juliette has finally found herself and, in the process, made a tremendously good record (that rocks!).

8 out of 10

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